David Forrest

Managing Director

David has over three decades of Real Estate experience.

David started his Real Estate career in Melbourne in the early 1980's. After a less than glorious start he found that persistence brought its rewards and was eventually made sales manager and then manager of an office within a well-known corporate group. Ownership was what he was seeking, and he ended up being a partner in a three-branch network in the south eastern suburbs of Melbourne. After selling out of that partnership, he spent a short time working for others in Real Estate before moving to Alice Springs for a change in lifestyle and profession. After a ten-year stint in the hardware and construction industry in December 2000 David re-entered the Real Estate industry. First as Sales Manager for First National Real Estate Framptons Alice Springs, and then very soon after as partner and Director.

David brought his real estate and business skills to Cairns and with his wife founded First National Cairns Central. Their goal was to develop a business with the help of their team, that would provide exemplary services to their clients.

David is an experienced auctioneer. He learnt his skills in Melbourne, commonly regarded as the auction capital of Australia. He has won awards as an auctioneer and competed at the absolute pinnacle of the industry in the Australasian Auction Championships. Apart from property auctions David likes to use his skills raising funds for charities and community groups.

Community features clearly in David’s activity. Apart from charity auctions David has been a board member of Red Cross, he has worked raising funds for the Cancer council and has helped many community groups. As a member of a Property advisory board he has helped the Anglican Church and has also advised the Catholic Church.

David has strong beliefs about the Real Estate Industry and has participated in the management and representation of the industry. He was a long serving member of the REINT including a term as Vice President. In 2006 David received the first of two ministerial appointments. As a strong supporter of the First National Network David was appointed to the First National SA/NT regional Council and following his move to Cairns he was appointed to the Queensland Regional Council. He has been Chairman of First National Queensland and Chairman of the National Board of directors. Although not chairman David is still a member of the national board and state council.

David has done a great deal of work in planning with countless applications under his belt he has been in demand as an advocate in this area. Property is what he understands and feels comfortable with. If you would like to contact David, you can call him directly on 0418 897 640.